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Find My Phone

Have you ever lost or forgotten your phone or smartwatch? This app is for you!

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Contacts Widget

Chat by one click! It’s not a simple collection of widgets, which allow chatting with friends by one-touch at convenient way for you, but also a very flexible tool allows you to express your personality in visual design.

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Healthy Menu

Powerful and user-friendly application that empowers individuals to take charge of their nutrition and create personalized meal plans. With this app, you can effortlessly generate a well-balanced and nutritious menu for an entire week, tailored to their specific dietary needs and preferences.

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Hue Music

Using this app, you get quality sound light show for a holiday, party, relaxation or inspiration. Application transforms sound frequency and amplitude to colors every moment.

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Wear Camera

Easy control your phone camera from your watch!
Be tricky spy, observe your pets, see back view from your bicycle and more live scenarios with Wear Camera!

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App helps you to control your tasks, note ideas, make schedules, share tasks with family or friends. Special features will remind you to take some stuff, which needed for some tasks or places. Manage your tasks easily.

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HD Contact Widgets

It is the best application for easy communication where is every contact available by one click. Keep in touch with your friends and colleagues via call, sms and social messaging.

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Smart Sound-Lights for PLAYBULB

App allow you to create Sound-Lights show at home using PLAYBULB. All, what you need, it’s connect smart bulb by Bluetooth and choose music.

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Battery GO Helper

This app allows you to lock and black out screen without stopping Pokemon GO process. In this case you can save battery life and you to safely put your phone in pocket.

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Love Contact Widgets

Communication with a loved one has become easier and more enjoyable.
Now your loved one will have a special place not only in your life but also in your phone.

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